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Our Mission

To preserve the beautiful, delicate, and increasingly rare corals of our worlds reefs that are being lost daily due to rising ocean temperatures.

The corals we aquire will help to stock a coral bank which will serve as a safe zone for the worlds vanishing corals.

Using the coral in our coral bank, we will propogate and dispurse samples of our corals to public charities or educational institutes who are furthering the cause of saving our reefs.

In order to help reverse the damage to our reefs we must educate others about the causes of coral bleaching.

It is our dream that the coral specimens in our bank could one day be used to reseed dead portions of reefs around the globe.

93% of the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by coral bleaching
More than 90% of the world's coral reefs will die by 2050
70% of Japans biggest coral reef is dead
0%. The percent of coral reefs that will remain if we do nothing.

Endangered Corals

A collection of pictures of corals that are listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act

A Coral Repository

With your help The Oceans Reefs Project is develpoing a Coral Repository to store, reproduce, and provide a safe haven for corals so that we can offer sample specimens to other like minded individuals, educational institutions, and conservationist organzaions who may require them to further their own projects and research.

This is a video produced by Google showing coral bleaching before and after images from American Samoa which were uploaded into Google Street View in June 2015.