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  • Inland Wet Bandsaw
    Thank you Inland Craft

    The Ocean’s Reefs Project would like to take a moment to thank Inland, a maker of an amazing frag saw, for donating a brand new Inland DB-100 wet band saw. 

    This saw will make it possible for us to frag our corals while doing the least amount of harm to each coral while maximizing the usable portions. 

    We love our saw and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their coral fragging experience to a professional level. 

    Here is a product description taken from Inlands website,

  • The Ocean Agency
    Image Accreditation

    We would like to thank and accredit the follow organizations for the use of their amazing images on coral bleaching. Many of the images you see on this website we created by them.  Thank you for making it possible to show the world how desperately our reefs need our help.

    Official Accreditation goes to:

    The Ocean Agency / XL Catlin Seaview Survey / Richard Vevers. 

    We would love for you to take the time to view their website at


  • The Statistics

     Our oceans are undergoing one of the most devastating changes in modern history and the average person has no idea that it is even happening. Coral bleaching along with other man made and natural threats are causing our ocean's reefs to die at an alarming rate. The Ocean's Reefs Project has collected some of the most recent facts and statistics and assembled them here for our readers. If we want to preserve whats left of our reefs, we must work together and we must act now.

  • blog
    Symbiosis between the Reef Hobbyists and the Reefs

    It is without argument that the worlds reef systems are in danger by attack from a host of forces, both natural and human influenced.

    There is some debate as to whether the reef aquarium industry has contributed to the demise of our great reef ecosystem. An argument could be made for both pro and con. In times past fish were drugged and reefs dynamited to get to their bounty.

    As an aquarist I am mesmerized by the beauty of the animals entrusted to us and they are, in my opinion, to be awarded the same level of thought, care and nurture as the land dwelling pets we keep.

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